Should you Elope at Sunrise or Sunset? // Washington Elopement

Should you Elope at Sunrise or Sunset? // Washington Elopement

Let me start off by saying the best decision is the one that best fits the experience you’re looking to have on your wedding day. You choose to skip a traditional wedding for a reason and have the adventure of a lifetime so your experience is ALWAYS the most important factor when making decisions! It’s worth taking the time and trusting in your team to help bring that vision to life. There’s no exact formula for how a day will turn out but there are different pros and cons to choosing a time of day for your elopement and each location, weather forecast and season will render images in a different way.

Most photographers will tell you that the best light is around sunrise or sunset on a clear day. That doesn’t mean photographs can’t be taken between let’s say 9am and 2pm. It just means you need a photographer who’s experienced in working with harsh light and allow yourselves to trust their judgement when it comes to doing so! All day adventures are AMAZING and choosing locations and times that work as a progression of those locations is what comes with working with an experienced team!


Sunrise Elopement

I totally understand that we’re not all morning people. When I have to wake up early for a sunrise session, I barely sleep thinking somehow I’ll stay passed out through the 5 alarms that I have set. I enjoy staying warm and cozy and having slow mornings with my tea or coffee. But, time and time again – my favorite images come from sunrise. There’s something so amazing about the serenity, the intimacy, the sounds and the light at this time of day so despite whether you’re a morning person or not, I wouldn’t knock it without reading below.

Seclusion: Experience shows that most people feel the way I do about being productive before the sun rises and choose sleep over sunrises. This can work to your advantage for your elopement ceremony because even popular locations tend to be quiet at this time.

Weather: Weather on your elopement day will vary greatly by region and season. Typically, areas with rolling thunderstorms form in the afternoons. Mornings in the PNW (with the exception of Summer) usually start with some fog and slowly change throughout the morning producing such incredible difference and variety in your photos.

Better light: Depending on the location and view, the light may be more ideal at sunrise. If the area is exposed and facing east when the sun rises, the light will hit the surrounding area first and if you have mountains, starting off your day with a beautiful alpine glow.

It’s colder: It’s always colder in the mornings so when looking at the weather, chances are you’re going to start off your day with the “lows.” Depending on your location and whether you enjoy the cold or warmth, you can use this to your advantage.

A great way to start your day: What better way to start your day? If you choose to hike, this time of the morning can feel somewhat like meditating and you can only see as far as your headlamp, so there’s no disappointment about false summits. On the way back, you’ll have an entire new experience seeing the trail for the first time.

Time: If you’re planning on doing something after like time with family or dinner reservations, you’ll have plenty of time for that! Sunsets (especially in the Summer) mean really late nights (sometimes ending around 10-11pm!) The same can be true for the reverse, if you tend to run late or stress about times, mornings may not be for you as the BEST light on a cloudless day is FIRST thing so timeliness is important and sometimes means 2am starts! We typically start before the sun is up which sometimes means hiking in the dark with a new adventure on your way back down!

Hair and Makeup: Your hair and makeup is freshest at the beginning of the day for the BEST light with those wide open backdrops.


Sunset Elopement

We all love a glowy, warm and golden sunset! Most of the time, choosing sunset allows for more flexibility in the earlier part of your day but generally runs through dinner time during peak season and I mean, we all love food. Check out a few pros and cons to eloping around sunset below:

Intimacy: If you’re hiking to your elopement ceremony, it can be more secluded if it’s not a popular spot because people generally try to get back before dark. If you’re choosing an easy to access location and eloping during a popular season, it can be less intimate during this time.

Lighting: Just like sunrise, the location and direction it’s facing can make the lighting more ideal for sunset. I have a fancy app for determining where the sun will be on your wedding day!

You can sleep in longer: Having the best experience on your wedding day matters most. If you feel anxiety rising about having to do hair, makeup, drive and start at a trailhead or location before dawn, then sunset may be better for you despite weather and lighting. Being 100% in the moment and enjoying every minute of your day reflects in your photos and if you’re not having the best day of your life, it will reflect in your images.

It’s warmer: Just like sunrise, this is up to your preference, location and season!

Best light is at the end of your day: It takes everyone a little bit of time to warm up in front of the camera and by having the best light at the end of the day, most couples are like “what camera?” I love interacting with couples, shooting documentary style and making you feel like you’re having the best day of your life instead of simply taking posed photos. Most people, haven’t had this type of photo experience so despite all of the previous being said, it takes a little to get comfortable with a camera!

The giddy hike down : Hiking down after everything is said and done, you’ll feel over the moon happy reliving every moment from your day.

If these pros and cons haven’t answered all of your questions about eloping at sunrise or sunset, feel free to email us and we’re happy to help!

Blog courtesy Megan with Megan Montalvo Photography 

Megan and Runaway with Me Elopements team are an All-Inclusive Elopement + Intimate Wedding experience based out of the Seattle, Washington. We offer Pacific Northwest Elopement planning to surrounding PNW destinations such as Mt. Rainier, Oregon, Olympic National Park, Oregon Coast, Deception Pass Park, and so much more!

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