5 Reasons Why You Need Videography for your Elopement


Are you thinking about hiring a videographer for your elopement? That’s great! Many couples who are eloping are on the fence because they don’t want all the bells & whistles that are attached to a big wedding. We totally agree with that! Most likely, you’ve chosen to elope because you want a more low-key experience. But just because you want something low-key, doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style or any visual elements. Our team will make sure all the memories are captured while maintaining an intimate atmosphere.

Let’s be honest, videography is usually an afterthought. Most couples figure out their photography and then are left to wonder whether they should add video. I thought the same thing before I got married! I didn’t know if I needed it but I’m so glad I opted to include it even if it cost a bit extra. 

Bride and groom eloping in the Seattle, Washington.

Here are five reasons why I’m so happy I booked a videographer: 


Hearing the vows again


My now-husband was in total tears when he was reading his vows. We do have absolutely beautiful images of this moment but when I watched the video I completely lost it. Hearing and watching his pauses and facial expressions are priceless. I love looking back on that. Also, it’s amazing to watch yourself tell the person you love the most in the world how much they mean to you.

Bride and groom eloping in the Seattle, Washington.


Motion adds magic and tells a different story


Photography captures a small moment in a much bigger story. I personally loved watching full moments while still having beautiful images to frame and put in an album. My dress blowing in the wind, my husband playing with my hair, and him trying to hold back tears. Little moments that may not be totally apparent in a photograph. 

Bride and groom eloping in the Seattle, Washington.


Have no regrets


If you are thinking about adding it on, there’s a chance you’ll regret it if you don’t. There’s no harm in reaching out and seeing what your options are! 

Bride and groom eloping in the Seattle, Washington.


Wedding videography doesn’t have to be cheesy, especially if you hire the right person. 


Lynnsey of Lionlady Photography, the resident videographer on the Runaway team, prides herself for doing things differently. She won’t be in your face all day or make you redo moments. She’ll be there for moments as they naturally unfold. In fact, she’s always looking for those in-between moments. Working alongside the photographer, you also won’t have to set aside extra time on the day. You can rest easy knowing that Lynnsey will capture your day while providing a calm presence.

Bride and groom eloping in the Seattle, Washington.


Share the big moments with friends & family


It’s likely your guest list is small if no one at all. Choosing to elope is a conscious decision to do things in a more intimate way. However, there’s likely some close friends or family that will want to see moments of your day as if they were there. Even if it’s just you two on a mountaintop, having video will allow you to share your ceremony, vows, and special moments without having to invite the whole neighborhood. 

So that’s it! If you’re still considering hiring a videographer don’t hesitate to reach out to our team! We’d love to hear from you!




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Lynnsey  and Runaway with Me Elopements team are an All-Inclusive Elopement experience based out of the Seattle, Washington. We offer Pacific Northwest Elopement planning to surrounding PNW destinations such as Mt. Rainier, Oregon, Olympic National Park, Oregon Coast, Deception Pass Park, and so much more!

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