Vendor Spotlight: Holly Goodman, Sablewood Paper Co. // Intimate Wedding Stationer

Vendor Spotlight: Holly Goodman, Sablewood Paper Co. // Intimate Wedding Stationer

A little Q&A:


Where are you from?

I was born in Dallas, Texas and lived there until I was, but we moved to a tiny beach town in Florida and I stayed in Florida until 2 years ago when I moved to Seattle! My husband had been out here for the first two years of our marriage, so it was time to join him and bring my passion to the PNW!

How did you decide on your hustle? 

I always thought I fell into designing wedding stationery and doing calligraphy, but it turns out that I was destined to go this route! My first degree is in hospitality management with a focus on event planning (one of my career choices was to be a wedding/event planner), then I got my second degree in graphic design and worked at a studio for a few years. Something clicked when I found my parent’s wedding invitation from almost 30 years ago, and I knew I’d found my calling. I taught myself calligraphy and merged it with my graphic design background and boom! A stationer was born.

What brings you joy in this life?

My husband, our two cats, and building our life together. I’m a big book nerd with a huge library and I love to write. If I had unlimited funds, I would stay in college forever, collecting degrees (starting with classical and European history!). Music feeds my soul, and I can usually be found listening to movie scores. I’m a creature of habit and a true introvert, and I can’t live without a candle burning. Quiet places are my jam and I love to travel – our next trips are to Germany, Portugal, and Mongolia!

What is your Myers-Briggs Type Indicator?

INTJ, but I also test as an INFJ – I’m right on the border!

What is your #1 piece of client advice?

Trust the process! Your vendors are here to guide you through your engagement season in the easiest possible way!

What is something not many people know about you?

My go-to is that I wrote a novel and I’m working on another one now!

What are your top 3-5 elopement locations in the PNW? And why? 

Stationery doesn’t get to travel much, but I have been to a couple of locations that I absolutely adore! Rialto Beach is a favorite because of the cool, crisp forest smell mixing with the spray of the ocean. It reminds me of my Florida home! I also really loved the elopement I was part of in Snoqualmie Pass. There was 6-8” of snow on the ground, we were near a big stream (or small river!) and it was just magical.



Interested in having Holly curate some amazing pieces for Elopement or Intimate Wedding?  Inquire with us today to reserve your date!

Holly and Runaway with Me Elopements are an All-Inclusive Elopement experience based out of the Seattle, Washington. We offer Pacific Northwest Elopement planning to surrounding PNW destinations such as Mt. Rainier, Oregon, Olympic National Park, Oregon Coast, Deception Pass Park, and so much more!

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