Brady + Tory | Discovery Park Elopement Inspiration {Seattle Elopement Photographer}

Brady + Tory | Discovery Park Elopement Inspiration {Seattle Elopement Photographer}

Tory and Brady are a couple who show up and instantly radiate positivity. They met in St. Louis at a reunion gathering; their parents grew up together but had lost touch after Tory’s dad moved to Seattle. At the gathering, Brady’s mom sent the two of them to the store to get beer and that is where their relationship began. These two soon committed to a long-distance relationship and, after eight months, Brady decided to move to Seattle for good. When you know, you know.


Early on in their relationship, Brady appreciated how Tory held space for his authentic self and helped him realize his “natural coolness”. Tory found herself magnetized towards Brady’s ability to talk about the universe and his theories of the world for hours. They both mark their meeting as the beginning of their journey towards self-discovery and self-betterment, growing equally as individuals and as a couple. “Tory is the creative brainstormer and Brady keeps us grounded”.


Fast forward to current day where Tory has grown into a savvy, independent business owner and Brady is back in school to pursue a career in cyber security. These two have learned to live for their individual growth and their family, including an adorable baby boy named Apollo. When our elopement collective met this couple, we wanted to celebrate their story of growth and self-discovery with an elopement recommitment in Seattle.


In choosing the location, we wanted to create a day-long getaway where the couple could experience their day with ease. We wanted to make sure that Tory and Brady could easily find childcare and enjoy as much of the day for themselves as possible. Runaway With Me Elopements selected Discovery Park for their urban getaway due to its convenient location inside the City of Seattle and the expansive nature of the park, making it a true urban getaway with a touch of escapism.


While Tory and Brady made their first stop at Holly Tipp’s hair and make-up studio, the rest of our team assembled at the park to set up the ceremony site. Kate from Tapestry Event Company created the vision for the day starting with a styled ceremony in the forest, to a stroll along the oceanside bluffs, and ending in a first dance at the beach. Sally from Couture Blossoms made our ceremony vision come true with a sprawling floral install along a commanding Pacific Madrone tree native to the Pacific Northwest. Our florist not only brought the most beautiful materials; she also knew how to ethically attach them to the tree to not cause any damage or leave any matter-out-of-place after the fact so as to preserve the tree and the park for others enjoyment. Holly at Sablewood Paper Company created a special suite of elopement cardstock to announce the couple’s recommitment. Our elopement team spent the afternoon in the sunshine styling, meeting passersby, and handing out excess floral material to spread the love.


Tory and Brady arrived on site a couple of hours later to get dressed and make their recommitment in the afternoon sunshine. When selecting the small details for Tory’s look, we brought out her strong sense of independence by choosing statement accessories like wood earrings, a silk scarf, and a braided ponytail look. We also highlighted her passion for healthy movement with a simple, sleek, open-back dress by A La Robe from The Dress Theory that emphasized her form and draped with ease. Grooms are their style are often overlooked when it comes to big wedding celebrations, so we flipped the script to celebrate Brady’s bold sense of style and desire to step outside of his comfort zone. Brady rocked (and we mean ROCKED) a tan suit and glasses with a crisp white shirt and stellar shoes.


The couple shared sweet words of gratitude and lots of laughs under the fragrant boughs of the madrone tree. They shared stories of their “Jim and Pam” style of love, their love of their baby boy, and their mutual pride in each other’s growth. A lifelong commitment to love was present throughout their ceremony and the day began to disappear quicker than anyone would have liked. After their ceremony, we whisked the couple away for portraits on the golden bluffs overlooking the Puget Sound. While Tory and Brady ran around the hills with Ashley from Beginning and End Photography, our florist deconstructed the ceremony site and transformed some of the materials into a second set of floral designs to travel to the beach.


After some intimate portraits at the bluffs, we took the couple down to the beach to share a dance as the sun disappeared behind the coastline. We played their song—“Can’t Help Falling In Love” by Haley Reinhart—as they danced barefoot on the pebbled sand and exchanged happy tears. We fell in love with them all over again and could not share enough hugs before parting ways. Our elopement team was honored to play a small part in this couple’s epic life story and look forward to being lifelong friends and cheerleaders on Tory, Brady, and Apollo’s team.


–Authored by Kate Faoro Wright at Tapestry Event Company

Amazing vendor team:

Photography: Beginning and End Photography
Planning + Coordination: Tapestry Event Company
Hair and Makeup: Holly Tipp Makeup
Gown: The Dress Theory Seattle
Florals: Couture Blossoms
Invitation: Sablewood Paper Company


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