Eloping In Style // Seattle Elopement

Eloping In Style // Seattle Elopement


A picture is worth a thousand words. We capture many special moments over time, some funny, some serious, some lovely and breathtaking. Pinterest is filled with these moments. Perhaps this is why brides look to it as their main source of inspiration. But on your day, do you really want to replicate someone else’s special moment or would you rather make it your own?

“Nobody could be any you-er than you!”  I read this long ago and it still resonates with me. It inspired and shaped my business motto:

“Make Your Wedding/Event Yours!”  #makeyourweddingyours

Photos by Kamra Fuller Photography // Flowers by Couture Blossoms 

Your elopement day will, of course, be a beautiful and very special one. Filled with joy and laughter, intimate and breath-taking moments. But how much of that will be a reflection of you as an individual, or of who you are as a couple?

Would you rather be inspired or inspire? Your Pinterest boards should remain as that: Inspiration – a thought provoking, idea-inducing collection of information to draw upon. With the right professional working alongside you, your unique style will push boundaries and start new trends. Why? Because it’s unique, just like you! So then, what does determine style? Who you are, what your heart and mind is truly passionate about, what you choose to do and become, that is who you are and that ultimately dictates your personal style and desires. It has to do with what makes you constantly feel good, getting you inspired and sensing in you a good vibe all the time. If is people, if is nature, architecture, books, clothing, whatever makes your heart and mind happy. That is the key element.

Fashion is awesome and trends are fun, but they do not determine one’s style. Within the design industry, I have often found myself gathering and searching for inspiration. I entered this career passionate about all things lovely and have obsessed over different trends, until I realized these obsessions were inconsistent, ever changing. Now I know that my style is what tends to stay the same, no matter the trends and the options I got to work with. I figured I am a classy at heart. No matter what I do, my favorite colors are neutrals or pastels, and I seem to love to pair the most feminine and romantic pieces with the unexpected bold ones. Combining the silky satin with leather, the delicate Poppies with King Protea if we talk about flowers, or the Orchids with painted metal if about decor. I find it very useful when you get to identify your own personal style.

Photos by Nick Plus Danee // Flowers by Couture Blossoms

As a stylist and floral designer, I take the time to truly understand my client’s needs and personalities. Our initial consultation is spent dreaming up the perfect day, speaking about the feel, colors, textures, atmosphere, and who you are, what do you value, to truly grasp your style and desires. Determining together your event’s style. Then I get to work! Searching, sourcing, researching, counting, calling, buying, building, planning, creating, and making beautiful art in displaying each couple’s individual style. Being it flower arrangements or unique custom pieces of art as backdrops, ceremony installs or specific details that speak your personal language.

Photos by Rachel Clements Photography // Flowers & Design by Couture Blossoms

Elopements are becoming more and more popular nowadays, and one huge advantage is that they offer the couple more possibilities to be creative, from incorporating personal style to choosing venues or locations that are totally unique. There is always the classic city hall elopement, the growing-popular destination elopement and then your favorite place elopement which includes them all. Top of the mountain, the most hard to reach cliff at the ocean, the midst of the forest, where all your music would be sang by the birds or the backdrop will be one impossible to replicate, the backyard of your family (yes, eloping!) and the list could go on and on.

I’d like to invite you to create something to look back on and see who you were and have become. I would challenge you not to copy what you see on blogs, magazines, Instagram or Pinterest, but rather with your event professionals, create the elopement of your wildest dreams! #yolo

Get inspired to be an inspiration! Run Away With us, and you will Make Your Wedding Yours!

Photos by Janelle Elaine Photography // Flowers and Design by Couture Blossoms


NOTE: All images are used with permission, and are a direct collaboration with the author of this blog, Sally with Couture Blossoms. Not all vendors are part of the collective. 

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