Top 6 Reasons to Elope // Seattle Elopement Planner

Top 6 Reasons to Elope // Seattle Elopement Planner

“Once upon a time there was a boy who loved a girl and her laughter was a question he wanted to spend his whole life answering.” – The History of Love by Nicole Krauss

You have found the one. The one you want to spend your life loving, learning with, and growing old next to. Traditionally speaking you commit that lifelong desire to one another in front of family and friends in a rather large celebration, anticipating and planning for months or even years. But what if that just isn’t you? Many couples may find the stress of coordinating a large wedding more than they can afford, want to take on, or it may just not be their dream wedding. What if saying “I do” to one another, surrounded by only the beauty of a mountain top and the blue sky, in an intimate ceremony is more your style? The beautiful thing about getting married is it is up to you and an elopement may be just the thing you need. For the adventurous, wanderlusting, break the rules kind of couple, there are many reasons why an elopement may be your ideal wedding.

1. Cost – This goes without saying, but weddings are expensive. The average cost for a wedding is $26,720. Unfortunately, it’s a luxury that not every couple can afford. If you have the means and ability to have a large wedding, and it is what you both have dreamed of, then go big and have fun! But maybe you’re looking for something a little out of the box, a little different, or something more adventurous? Eloping might be the answer for you!

2. Stress – Planning any wedding can be a stressful time. With so many vendors to coordinate, family members and friends to please, and decisions to make the excitement and anticipation of your wedding can be easily overshadowed. An elopement, being much smaller (sometimes just you and your fiancé!), requires much less time and decision making while still allowing you the ability to enjoy the process and focus on what you really want.

3. Intimacy and Adventure – One of the greatest things about eloping is the ability to have a destination wedding without the guilt of burdening family and friends with the costs of travel. Want to get married in a vineyard in Italy or a beach in Hawaii? You can still have that dream wedding without worrying about who can’t make it. And for the really adventurous couple who wants to hike a mountaintop for their vows there is no pressure to coordinate a whole ceremony full of guests up top with you. The intimate environment of an elopement allows you to focus on one another. It is all about you and your love.

4. Quality over Quantity – Unfortunately, some couples feel the pressure to put on an elaborate celebration for their guests that includes not only a meal, but favors, extravagant décor, entertainment and more. They end up spending more money and time on pleasing their guests that they miss the opportunity to even write their own vows. Some even end up with leftover favors, food, and more. What if you were able to focus on those details that mean the most to you rather than party favors for the sake of party favors?

5. Details – Many couples put a great amount of thought into the details of their day, but due to time many may delegate those decisions to family or friends. Those details can be overlooked, missed, or not true to you. A day full of such emotion, love and care should be fully yours to decide on. Eloping does not mean you have to skimp on those details. You have more time to carefully consider what means most to you and how to incorporate them into your day and the time to truly enjoy them

6. The Experience – Without the pressure of throwing a great party, an elopement allows you to put your mind, heart, and soul into creating truly memorable experience for the ones who matter most. Eloping provides you with a world of opportunities you may not otherwise have with a large wedding: traveling to an exotic location, personalizing your vows, more time with your photographer/videographer, or actually enjoying your cake? Your marriage begins on your wedding day so what better way to remember it than to make the experience truly yours.

You may read this and think, “But I still want a big wedding!” I say go for it! Every couple is unique and only you know what your dream wedding looks like. But I encourage you to consider what is most important to you and your fiancé on your wedding day and to not let the pressure of what is “traditional” guide your decisions. You have a lifetime to learn and love one another and your wedding day is only the beginning. Let’s make it something beautiful together!



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